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Saving Costs with Process Optimisation

Your port operation can also be optimised with IT support and made more cost-efficient. Open Up! means to identify and tackle optimisation potential in the area of time-critical processes.
With our many years of expertise in IT consulting and software development, we help you to analyse the needs of your different stakeholders. In order to benefit you and your customers, we bring together the right people to develop appropriate IT solutions with you.

HPC: Barge Traffic Optimisation

Monitoring Traffic and Infrastructure

Get an overview: Digital solutions support you in your work. Monitor and simulate ship arrivals, identify potentially dangerous situations in advance, automate handling processes and improve your service. We use familiar analogue concepts in map-based applications and translate them into meaningful workplace concepts. You and your team get intuitive and motivating tools at hand.

WPS Use Case: Smart Sounding Table

Optimisation of Internal Processes

Whether it is the shift planning for your employees, the optimisation of purchasing and logistics processes, or the planning of work assignments, there is potential for internal improvements everywhere. You and your customers can achieve noticeable benefits through digitalisation. With many years of experience and a good eye for sensible digitalisation, we support you with a checkup to identify your optimisation potential.

HPC: Terminal Planning and Simulation

Rule-based Port Planning

Digital port planning tools not only make it easier for people in the port to work, but also rule-based berth management can automatically implement legal requirements or instructions for handling dangerous goods. Early planning and partly automated triggers of follow-up actions in ship arrivals (e.g. the feed control of truck traffic), increase service and security levels while reducing costs.

WPS Use Case: Digital Port Solutions

Our Consulting Process:

40 years of international port consulting expertise.
20 years of expertise in custom software development for ports.

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Foto von Dr. Stefan Wiech

Dr. Stefan Wiech

Dr. Stefan Wiech is a partner at HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH. With many years of experience in port digitalisation, he heads the Market Segment Governments, Communities, Ports and the IT Consulting Department.

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Foto von Holger Breitling

Holger Breitling

Holger Breitling is a member of the WPS management and has many years of experience in the design and management of software development projects. He governs the port and rail customer segments.

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